Stud Profile

The Glen Fosslyn Stud retains a core herd of 300 registered breeders mated in single sire herds along with a large purebred droughtmaster commercial herd. Our stud and commercial cattle are run on the properties Cooma and Glen Fosslyn in the Surat/Teeba districts of southern Queensland. Both properties consist of red to brown soil box / belah / wilga country with the cattle grazing native and Buffel grasses. We aim to consistantly produce fertile and fuctional cattle for both the seedstock and commercial beef industries.

Stringent subjective and objective selection guidelines are used in the selection of both bulls and females. We will not waste time on anything that will not help our herd in the long run.  The three F’s, Feed, Feet and Fertility. The family has been following this philosophy since first breeding cattle in the 1950’s. Feed – all cattle must be able to forage and do well in all seasonal conditions, Feet - cattle must be able to walk long distances for feed and water for their entire breeding life and Fertility – both bulls and cows must be able to mate with ease and breeders must calve annually, unassisted and be able to provide a good start to their progeny.

All females are seasonally mated with replacement heifers mated at around 14 months. All mated females must calve unassisted annually or are culled from both the stud and commercial herds. The family maintains that this sometimes harsh management technique increases the herd's fertility over time. The family is also very keen to keep the stud commercially relevant by gaining Chiller assessment feedback from  our bullocks and heifers and using the results as an additional selection tool for the stud and commercial herds.