Cattle & Semen for sale

Bulls For Sale

Quality stud and herd bulls are available at Glen Fosslyn for most of the year. We specialise in bulk paddock orders for commercial producers.

Females For Sale

Stud Heifers - Lines of mated / un-mated registered heifers are available annually. Please contact us for details.
Commercial Heifers - Glen Fosslyn mated / un-mated heifers suitable for replacement breeders are available every year. These females are usually mated at 14mths like the rest of our herd and are generally available February yearly. Please call Cameron on (07) 4626 5269 to arrange an inspection.

Semen for Sale

We currently have a range of semen available including Calioran Reynold, Billabong Victory, Bold Baron and many top Glen Fosslyn Sires.
A lot of these sires are in the top 5% of the breed for growth, particularly 600 day weight.
Please contact us or phone Cameron on (07) 4626 5269 to place an order or if you would like any further information.